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Paul Gascoyne

Even as young kid I was really into all sports, I naturally found myself either in the ocean or running through sandy woodland. I loved working out in nature, but even more, I loved being physically fit. 


Benjamin Disraeli, once said, "Man is only great when he acts from passion."


I talk with passion about fitness a lot. Because I love it. I love how it makes me feel. I love how it connects me to certain feelings and experiences. I talk about fitness because fitness is still despite being a full time job, a hobby of mine. 


Eventually after detouring through a career in Design I took my first steps into making movement and exercise a full time experience.

A degree in Sports Science gave me the opportunity to soak up as much information as I possibly could, so I started practicing all that was current about exercise, fitness, nutrition, and physiology. I started reading every fitness research article I could get my hands on, cover to cover. 


Skipping forward to now and have amassed a couple of decades of practical experience in coaching athletic excellence. I am committed to the science of exercise training and analytically sound client programme planning. with competitive experience across three major sporting disciplines, Cycling, Running and Swimming, with this experience I offer an overall package to help you achieve your goals. 

A rigorous method and methodology are still rooted in everything I do, so that I can predict the exact changes your bodies will make, instilling confidence and transparency into a process that has in the past been too often clouded by haphazard guesswork.

Nothing is left to chance by taking a holistic approach to the fitness lifestyle, ensuring that every single area that could impact upon my clients’ performance and physical well being is first audited and then managed and demystified for maximum results.


Fortunately people see that I am still passionate about all the elements of triathlon and living a healthy lifestyle, they want to learn how to do it from me. Partly this was because I challenge them to learn something new about fitness or nutrition, and then find a completely new sporting experience they could love. 


This ethos can be summarised as Broaden your horizon! Before you can face any sporting or fitness challenge, you have to be able to embrace it. Before you can embrace it, you have to be able to understand identify and talk about it. I can be your guide and interpreter.


Your newfound knowledge about fitness/nutrition and your new experience will help shape the way you look at taking care of your body!

inputs and outcomes

My goal at ucanfitness-coaching  is ultimately to improve your personal or company’s fitness performance by implementing changes that have a direct result on the health, wellbeing and fitness of your primary resource - you or your workforce.

Putting in place health, fitness and wellbeing programs tailored to your requirements. I strive to keep you fit and healthy, both in body and mind.

Offering flexible performance programs that are designed to suit you; before or after the working day, at break or lunchtimes, during the day or to fit shift patterns. You me us what time you have available and I will make it happen.

At the end of the programs, whether they be one-offs or long-term competition plans, you will feel more motivated, happier, fitter and feel any adventure is possible.

Paul Gascoyne
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