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Yes I am another personal trainer and coach I admit it, but also a fitness geek! I've studied the science behind health, fitness and performance for years. But, as your trainer I will never lecture you. Instead, I will nurture you, motivate you, encourage and support you, so you get fitter, faster, stronger.


I will also make sure you stay that way, because I don’t just know what i'm talking about when it comes to rehabilitation, physiology and biomechanics (aka your body). I've practiced what I preach, coming from a semi professional competitive athletes background. So, I know a fair bit about the mind and the demands of real life too.

Regardless of whether you are training for a specific event, be that the exciting European Cycling Sportive you promised to tick off the wish list, or your first triathlon or 3rd Ironman, my customised programmes deliver exceptional value, I value your time as much as you do.

You won’t find any gimmicks, fads or the workout of the moment.

I offer a number of personal solutions from one to one sessions, monthly training programs, event programs and online classes. These programmes give you the space to really move, work hard and have fun, utilising basic equipment that will help you develop sustainable functional movement patterns whatever your chosen sport or event.

Weight Ball
Swimming Laps
Athletic Man
Gym Workout
Fit Woman

programme price guidelines:(fully customised)

Monthly from £120.00

Event Programs (Enquire)

Tying Shoelaces
training services

training services

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