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04 custom bike builds

The most convenient way to buy a new bike is to choose one of the many bikes on offer from dozens of brands. These off-the-rack packages sometimes offer reasonable value and you can often take the bike for a test-ride before making a decision. However, you won’t get any say in the choice of components or the colour of the frameset others than those they have available.


At the other end of the spectrum, a ucanfitness-coaching custom build allows you to tailor the bike to suit your every need. 


The greatest strength and appeal of custom-building a bike is that the you are in charge of every aspect, starting with the goals and priorities for your build. 


For some clients, it might be embracing the latest technology and/or aerodynamics; often the latest thinking in bike mechanics and application can take 2 years to filter through to mainstream brands. You may choose to concentrate on weight, specific colours, or replicating a team bike; you can create a bike that works exactly how you require it, whether you race tour or take part in long European sportives, a custom bike enables the perfect fit for you. It is also possible to work with a strict budget and/or recycle parts that have been kicking around in the shed for some time.


A custom bike provides enormous control over the final product and there is an enormous thrill in creating a bike in this way. If nothing else, you will be engaged with every part of the bike in a way that is not possible for a factory-built bike, and you will have a few stories to tell about how it all came together.


In the 2 examples shown here though they may look very different, they both utilise the latest think in bike transmissions. A single ring at the front and a wide range cassette at the rear, enabling a bike that can climb the very steepest mountains and still fly along the valley floor. This approach is replicated throughout both builds, starting with a class leading frame and then add the very best in components for the job the bike has been selected to do.


Both bikes make use of oval chainring technology, this makes the best use of the human physiology creating a smoother pedalling action and efficient power transfer.

Ready to have a bike that reflects your desires and riding style, then simply click the link below and we can start the process.

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